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Photography to Capture an Emotion and Create a Message 

At Spotlight on Hope, we use photography to tell a story, create a new meaning for something important to you and those you serve!                                                                                     

All Photography by Tom/Nancy McNulty Copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved

NYS Assemblyman Sean Ryan, City of Buffalo Comptroller Mark J.F. Schroeder, US Congressman Brian Higgins and Cas Rodriguez, Executive Director, Hispanic Heritage Council.

 It's about finding hope no matter what your circumstances.

Buffalo Psychiatric Center

Richardson Complex

Photography by Tom McNulty


 Find the beauty and splendor in all that surrounds us.

Photography by Tom McNulty


 It's about taking a risk not knowing where the journey will end.

Photography by Tom McNulty


 It's not how big your boat is, rather, how big is your desire to succeed.

Photography by Nancy McNulty

Standing Tall Through It All

Sometimes we are stronger than we realize because we are well-rooted with love from family and true friends. 

Photography by Tom McNulty 

Some Days You Just Have to Let Some Steam Off 

So, What Color Am I?  

Stop and embrace the simplicity of the beauty surrounding us.

Bench at Lake Erie - Imagine the discussions.

Two people who understand the "greater good" Bridget McNulty who has been involved with NAMI's Christmas is for Kids since 6th grade and Santa, Max Gabriel, a Vietnam veteran  supported the project for years along with his work for veterans at the state level in New York. Max passed away too soon, but he is in our heart every day. Max, you lived a loving life.

What story does this photo tell you? 

Photography by Tom McNulty

Fix me up or tear me down? 

Photography by Tom McNulty


 Colin J. McNulty

Photography by Tom McNulty 

Aspen Trees

Aspen, Colorado

What I found fascinating about these beautiful trees is they share a common root system. They are naturally connected. Because they share a common life line -  they thrive.

What a great part of nature that gives us daily, practical lessons about our own existence.

Photography by Tom McNulty 

Are You Looking at Me? 

Indianapolis Zoo